MAVA Investment Management Ltd. (MAVA) was established in 1997 as the investment advisor for the Hungarian-American Enterprise Fund. In the following years it raised private equity funds with the involvement of international institutional investors. Between 1997 and 2005, these funds managed more than $ 150 million. The investments in IT, telecommunications, and financial service companies resulted outstanding returns through trade sales and IPOs.

After 2005 MAVA evolved into a private equity investment company. Since the transformation, agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe has become the strategic priority. Helvét-Farm Zrt, BIOVENTURA AGRICOL SRL and ARADERBIO SRL have established meaningful positions in sustainable organic farming.

The company is a minority investor in several companies, like Zultzer Pumpen Kft, Gyöngyösi Mezőgép és Járműtechnika Kft, Farmaventura Kft, Organic One Kft and PEIK Zrt.


 Investment Strategy

The overriding objective is to maintain and increase the value of investments by harnessing their synergies, while sticking to sustainable practices.


Industrial investment


Gyöngyösi Mezőgép és Járműtechnika Kft.

The company has traditionally been engaged in the repair of commercial vehicles, furthermore the production of machine parts. Its profile includes the modernization and conversion of buses, trams, and other public transport vehicles. The rise of e-mobility is a promissing opportunity for the company.

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Zultzer Pumpen Kft.

With the background of the multinational Sultzer AG, it is a player in the Hungarian wastewater treatment market. Currently the development of engineering and service related to energy saving wastewater solutions are the strategic priority.

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Pécsi Sörfőzde Zrt.

Following the buyout form Ottakringer AG. restructuring measures were taken, which resulted in returning to profitable operation. In accordance with the traditional German purity law (Reinheitsgebot) the product portfolio has been renewed, unfiltered premium beers as well as gluten-free and organic products have been launched. With international certifications, it is commited to develop and market craft beers internationally.

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A biotechnology and health industry startup company specializing in immunology research and development. In addition to its scientific activities, PEIK Zrt. organized several international conferences on various R&D topics.  Furthermore, its responsibilities include education, training, innovation management, market information and technology transfer from healthcare to industrial innovation and providing incubator tasks. It’s also managing the BIB (Biotechnology Innovation Base) cluster with over 40 members mostly young companies involved in the life science.

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Real estate investments

The current real estate portfolio was created mainly through spin-offs from previous investments. Favorably located offices and industrial properties are leased for the long term.


Agricultural investments

Helvét-Farm Zrt along with its Hungarian subsidiaries as well as the Romanian companies fully converted to organic crop production. Utilizing modern equipment low-till farming is carried out on both sides of the state border which is visibly boosting biodiversity and soil life activity. Members of the group are also BIO Suisse certified. In Orosháza and Zerind spelt dehulling facilities were built with Bühler and Cimbria machinery. Organic One Kft. serves export markets from warehouses in Orosháza, Budapest and Pilis.